Thursday, April 1, 2021

Spring has sprung


March weather can be so variable, and this was the case for our planned plein air at Castaway Island the first Saturday in March. It was a rainy day and hardly a nice day for pastels. But bad weather turned into a blessing, as the following week we scheduled a makeup event at Washington Oaks State Park, joining up with the First Coast Plein Air Painters.

We had just been to Washington Oaks in January, but in March it was a whole different place, absolutely glorious weather with the scent of azaleas hanging everywhere in the air. The park was filled with people wanting to enjoy the lovely gardens and the perfect spring day.

We had a number of souls from the FCPS who decided to come take advantage of the day, even though it's a bit of a trek for many of our members.

And of course there were participants from the FCPAP as well.

Certainly plenty of fine options for painting in just about any direction you looked.

And don't forget: Our next Member's meeting is this coming Saturday, April 3rd, 10 AM to noon, at the North Shores Community Center in Vilano Beach, 120 Meadows Ave., St. Augustine, FL, 32084. Patrick Mahoney will be there to discuss his techniques and process of restoration of paintings and framing. Patrick's work is totally amazing. 

We will also begin the silent auction of the lovely painting donated by our founder, Lyn Asselta. The painting is 6x6.

Tuesday, February 23, 2021

February meeting


Because of the events of 2020 it had been a long time since we'd actually had a meeting. Our plan was to meet outdoors at our new meeting venue, the North Shores Community Center at Vilano Beach, with a demo by our own Paula Pascucci. 

Alas the weather decided not to cooperate, and with the damp forecast we had to move the meeting indoors - with masks and appropriate social distancing. 

Paula was still able to do her demo for us, on different underpainting techniques. 

And I'm sure those who were able to attend were happy to be there, Long time, no see, for so many of us. 

We definitely hope to be able to provide opportunities for more member meetings as the year goes on. 

In the meantime our current member show is still up at the JCA so you can definitely go take a look and  see what we have there.

Meanwhile keep in mind our next plein air event at Castaway Island Preserve, coming up on the first Saturday of March. 

2021 starts


2020 was definitely a crazy year for all of us, and 2021 is starting out still crazy, including our blog and everything else, but at least plein air seems to be something we're able to do fairly safely at this point, like starting the year off with an event at Washington Oaks State Park,

Washington Oaks is a lovely place, with beautiful gardens as well as water views on the oceanfront, and along the intracoastal waterway, a great place to welcome in the new year.

We didn't have a big turnout, but a few hardy souls made the trek to Washington Oaks to take advantage of the scenery there. 

Here's hoping that as the year goes on we'll all be able to spend more time together. 

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Farewell to 2020


The Covid pandemic made 2020 a crazy year for many of us and many things well by the wayside, including this blogger's plans for the blog. We had to cancel meetings, learn to use Zoom. But plein air events are fairly safe out in the open air, and we held a plein air event at Hanna Park early in November.

Only as few attendees, but still it was nice for those who attended to be able to get out in the fresh air and paint, even if social distancing was required. 

We also held a first Zoom workshop with Aline Ordman, and attendees all agreed it was a great event. It looks like 2021 will still be including Zoom events, but we hope that as the year goes on we'll be able to see one another in person again. Happy painting everyone.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Plein Air - Hanna Park


What:  Plein Air paint-out

When: Saturday, November 7, 9 AM to 1 PM

Where: Katheryn Abbey Hanna Park, 500 Wonderwood Dr., Jacksonville, FL

This Saturday is our next planned plein air event at lovely Hanna Park in Jacksonville.

The park is large and spread out. Lots of room for social distancing of all sorts.

There are various options for everyone for painting - from the inner ponds with lots of trees and vegetation.

To beautiful dunes along the beachfront, and wide amazing beaches as well. 

So everyone should be able to find something. It's one of the most beautiful parks in Jacksonville so everyone should be able to find something that's good for their heart and soul to paint during these crazy times.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Our annual juried show

 Again. with the Covid pandemic, one of the other things that ended up not happening as expected. was our annual juried member show. It's original date was right in the middle of the lockdown, the Cultural Center was closed. We hoped to postpone until the fall, but with the fall upon us it's still not an option.

So as many groups have done this year, we've converted our juried show to an online show. Many thanks to Carron Wedlund who worked hard on the show, and created the online version for us. We have so many talented artists in our group so we certainly want to share our works with everyone. I hope you will all enjoy our show: