Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Washington Oaks Paint Out

Well today was the the day of our April  paint out at Washington Oaks Gardens State Park. The weather originally threatened to be blustery and chilly in the morning, but in the end turned out to be absolutely pleasant and delightful.

We had hoped that scheduling the paint-out at Washington Oaks would draw some of the folks from Ormond Beach, and even the Gainesville area who had expressed an interest in connecting with our society.

But as it turned out, we didn't have any anyone from those areas at all. Only five hardy souls turned up and all of us had a good 50+ miles or more to travel to get to the paint-out!

But it was well worth it. The park is lovely indeed, and features everything from seacoast to formal gardens to riverfront along the Matanzas River.  And with the weather so sunny and clear there were all sorts of options for an artist to choose.

I set up along the Matanzas River with all the fishermen and women, and not only got to paint, but got to watch the boats going by and plenty of birds as well, including a bold Great Blue Heron who came right up among the fisherfolk to beg for fish!

But there were plenty of other fine spots as well. Sadly, our president, Lyn, was not able to be with us due to a serious illness in her family, so we all have her in our good thoughts and prayers.

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