Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Painting exchange! June meeting

Have you ever tried to work really small? Do you like the idea of a challenge in trying to create a small treasure? The painting above is a 4x6 pastel I did for my dad one year. One Christmas I did a small 4x6 pastel for every member of the family as a Christmas gift. It was fun trying to work so small, and come up with subjects that were meaningful for each person.

If you'd like to try then you have your chance coming up! For our next FCPS meeting, on June 2, we plan to hold a painting exchange. Each member who wants to participate is asked to bring in a framed 5x7 pastel  painting. Please WRAP the painting to keep it anonymous, and we will have a painting exchange.

You can fit a fair amount of detail into a small painting if you want. It will be lots of fun to exchange with other members of the FCPS. If you bring a painting you get to leave with another painting. It would be great fun if everyone who attends the meeting will participate.

So you have plenty of time now to get started. I hope you all can share a painting and get a painting too. What a great way to head into the summer.

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