Saturday, December 1, 2012

Happy Holidays to All

Today was our last meeting of the year, and we had a lovely holiday breakfast together at the St. Augustine Art Association. Many thanks to our President, Lyn Asselta, for providing the lovely feast. We had quiche and biscuits and coffee cake and cantaloupe and fresh hot coffee!

And just being together for a holiday meal was a lovely start to the day. It was great getting together with other pastelists.

And being able to chat with folks we don't see that often and catch up on news and happenings.

Normally this would have been a plein air day, but we decided to hold it indoors and set up still lifes for all of us to work on today. This turned out to be a good idea when a rain squall came through about halfway through the morning.

Because of the holidays the theme of the still lifes was Christmas ornaments, with various ornaments set up in different directions so that we all had something to work on no matter which way we were facing the setup.

Following are looks at the work people started during the morning. Because of the time allotment most of these are clearly still works in progress. But we all had fun being together and look forward to all the events that will be happening in the new year.

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