Thursday, May 9, 2013

Princess Place Plein Air Paint-out

When: Saturday, June 1
Time: 8:30 AM to 12 noon (for painting, and then stay for lunch)

It's almost time to wrap up our formal activities for the spring, and we're finishing up with a plein air day at Princess Place Preserve. Princess Place is just off route 1, a few miles south of St. Augustine. If you have never been to Princess Place you are in for a treat! It consists of 1500 pristine acres along the Matanzas River and Pellicer Creek. Painting options abound along every twist of the trails.

Since it's our last meeting before the fall we're hoping you'll all love to attend, and will bring a bag lunch with you so that we can share some food and artistic fellowship at the end of the morning.

Princess Place is very easy to get too, just off route 1 exit from I-95, but it's a long trip into the property. Here are directions from Lyn:
Coming from the north:   take I95 south to the Route 1 exit (the last of the St. Augustine exits).  Make a right off the exit and go about a mile or so until you see the little brown sign for Princess Place.  Take a left when you see the sign, then follow that road a couple miles until you see the entrance to Princess Place on your left.  Once you're heading into the preserve, you'll drive quite a ways on a dirt road.  Go past the marsh and camping area and you'll end up at the park office and parking lot.  
Lyn is right, the dirt road into the park is LONG. But keep on going. It's totally worth it when you finally arrive at the river! See you there.

If you forget your lunch there is a Dairy Queen right at the exit from I-95 onto route 1, and you can get lunch there and join us anyway. :-)

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