Saturday, September 21, 2013

First Fall paint-out - Camp Chowenwaw

What: First fall paint-out
When: Saturday, October 5th, 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM

Well it's officially fall now. Does anyone else sense that it's coming? Sure it still gets warm mid-day. But the worst of the summer humidity is gone, there is a breath of coolness in the morning when I walk my dog. Evenings bring cooling breezes. It's getting to be great weather for painting outdoors!

So our first paint-out for the fall is now on the schedule, just two weeks away. Our plan is to meet at Camp Chowenwaw Park on the banks of Black Creek where it joins with the St. Johns River. This is a lovely park, but you have to have sharp eyes to find the turn for the park which is on Ball Road, a dirt road.

Please see the photo above. When coming south on 17 you will cross over the Black Creek bridge. As you come over the bridge the public boat ramp is on the left, Ball Road is just past it on the right - a simple green sign with white letters.  If you reach the RaceTrac gas station you have gone too far!

For those coming from the south, you will pass a traffic light with a RaceTrac gas station on the left, and a Kangeroo station on the right. Keep looking then, as just past that will be a turn for Ball Road on the left - and the boat ramp is slightly ahead on the right. If you reach the Black Creek bridge you have gone too far!

We will meet at the parking lot behind this recently restored log cabin which dates from the 1930s. Alas only the outside is available unless rented for private parties, but it's certainly architecturally interesting. The front of the cabin, pictured here, faces out to Black Creek.

There are trails and boardwalks that lead off into the woods.

And can take you to the tree houses, which are available to the public for camping.

The Jungle Trail leads through lush vegetation.

Until it takes a turn  and heads out to a fishing pier out over Black Creek, a great spot for water scenery.

So we hope folks will join us for a lovely day with fresh air and good friends. Bring a picnic lunch if you like and we can all gather after our morning of painting, and share what we have worked on.

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