Friday, December 6, 2013

Our Melrose opening

Gallery 26 was resplendent tonight. Soft lights played on the outside of the building, and inside the lighting was subdued. Lovely Christmas decorations added to the serenity of the scene.

Light refreshments were actually enough for a full meal! The refreshment table was a work of art itself, and there was also plenty of wine, water and soft drinks.

We were also treated to classical piano playing in the background.

Richard Lundgren, Carron Wedlund, Kay Deuben 

We had a great turnout of FCPS artists also represented at the show. Everyone one of them agreed that the show, which has looked lovely when the work was delivered, looked every better hanging in the gallery.

Kim Daniel (photo by Carron Wedlund)

Betty from Gallery 26 did a wonderful job hanging the show! The gallery, the show, the refreshments, the music. All were superb.

Rick and Patty Petersen 

Rick and Patty Petersen (photo by Carron Wedlund)

As I was sitting on the bench I overheard a woman talking to Betty - a complete stranger to the FCPS - saying that she loved the show, and thought it was just about the best show she had ever seen there!

Karen Rose and Richard Lundgren

We were also pleased and excited that the group had already had two sales, even before the show had officially opened.

So congratulations to Steve Johnson for his sale of this wonderful marsh scene.

And to Linda Hart Green for selling this cool old car. Let's hope we see some more sales!

John Cusick and Joseph Daniel

I think even our two youngest art critics enjoyed the show. They certainly enjoyed the cookies, and playing with one another, at any rate. :-)


  1. Woohoo! Thanks for posting great pics and the news of the sale. So very glad this show happened for our group.

  2. Debbie thanks for an excellent post about the show and all your pictures. This weekend Dec 14 and 15th Melrose will be buzzing with activity with their Christmas parade so hopefully more folks will have a chance to see the show.


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