Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Casey Klahn Conclusion

The First Coast Pastel Society's weekend with Casey Klahn ended with an optional plein air day open to all, not only the workshop participants, and several who could not attend the workshop were there.

The location chosen was Guana River, a lovely area of amazing natural beauty, the "real" Florida as it was originally seen by the first inhabitants and explorers, along the salt marshes and estuaries at the conflluence of the Guana, Tolomato, and Matanzas Rivers.

Also home or pass-through "hotel" to hundreds of bird species, and other wildlife as well. Watch out for the snakes and alligators!

I found the participants on break for an early lunch. They had started down the trails earlier in the day to find a place to set up, but didn't get too far as so much of the trails were underwater. Yes, we have have lots of rain lately. Though luckily Monday was sunny.

However they did reach a good spot, and it was not too far a walk to get back under a bit of shade for some food and fellowship with other artists.

My grandson John was with me, and there was such enthusiasm in the air that he told me he wanted for us to paint pictures too! I had come prepared with some pastels (and oil pastels for John) but our timing was tight and we couldn't stay long enough for that.

John had to content himself with a whole bunch of crazy camera snaps!

After lunch Casey had a critique session for the artists' works of the mornings. But looking at some of their work it sure seemed they had taken his ideas to heart. It was quite a weekend for those involved. It will be interesting to see how this influences their future work.


  1. Thanks for these reports, Deb!

  2. Looks like those featured here did very well and learned a lot.

  3. Thanks for giving us such a great report complete with fantastic pictures. Deb thank you!


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