Sunday, May 4, 2014

Casey Klahn Workshop

We had a large turnout for our workshop this weekend with Casey Klahn.  The weather was chilly, raw and rainy on Saturday, but inside spirits were bright, and Casey certainly helped to make them so.

He certainly has participants' attentions, and what he had so say was often so different from things folks had heard before that they really needed to pay attention to make sure they'd heard it right!

Everyone was busy indeed trying to put into practice the things they were learning.

And Casey constantly circulated around the room with comments and advice, that often caused works to become radically different!

As usual the First Coast Pastel Society lunch was a highlight of the day, providing great food to give participants energy for the afternoon. Lyn's cookies were a special hit!

 Everyone wanted to pay attention to any demos Casey might be offering

And what fun it was to see the work everyone else was doing.

Pieces were often far removed from people's usual comfort zones.

And the amazing colors folks chose reflected Casey's teachings.

Luckily the sun came out on Sunday, and that bodes well for Monday and the optional plein air day with Casey at Guana River.

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