Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Super Day at Princess Place

I had my doubts about Princess Place when I woke up at 3 AM, and the rain was teeming down, and lighting was flashing across the sky, and the thunder was booming. I assumed that at best Princess Place might be a soggy mess.  But no indeed, it was wonderful there!

It was a bit overcast early in the morning, leading the wildlife to feel safe to come out and show themselves along the narrow sandy roads. But the sun came out more and more as the morning wore on.

We had quite a nice turnout for the day too, as eleven of us gathered in the parking lot to meet up for the morning.

Some of us then wandered off to scout out the choice areas for painting.

There were certainly plenty of scenic options along the river.

Interesting architecture if you wanted to include some old buildings.

But along the riverfront was a prime spot as there was a lovely breeze blowing in off the water.

If you found yourself a shady spot and a bit of breeze it was just about perfect.

And many of us took advantage of that, whether it was with backs to the river.

Or facing the river.

Or changing positions for lots of small studies.

More thunderstorms were predicted for the afternoon, but the weather was still holding out well by the time we took our break for lunch about 11:45.  We all enjoyed a nice leisurely meal together.

After lunch folks brought out there artwork for a "show and tell" and we laid them all out on the picnic table. So here are some snapshots of the work done in the morning. I love to see all the different subjects and styles that our members have to show!

So keep painting everyone. Remember we have a member exhibit coming up in September at the Orange Park Public Library. This is a non-juried show so any of your work is eligible. Keep that in mind over the summer, and now enjoy seeing what some of our members did this morning.


  1. Great job Debbie. We should have thought to get your picture too!

  2. You write as beautifully as you paint, Debbie. I wish we could get more of AGOPs members to do plein air. I am looking forward to the exhibit at the Library!


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