Thursday, September 18, 2014

Orange Park Library member exhibit

Wow, our Orange Park Library show is really fantastic! The space is one that get a lot of visibility, and we had plenty of paintings to fill up the walls in the library.

 We ended up with 37 pieces in the show, quite a respectable number. Some friends from other art organizations have seen the show and commented on how excellent it was, and what a great caliber of work.

If you haven't been to see the show yet you really ought to make a trip to go see it before the end of the month when the show comes down.

The exhibit is available for viewing in the library meeting wing during all of the library's regular hours, which can be found here. 

These photos of course, don't do the show justice. Pastels under glass don't photograph well.

But they should still give you and idea of the variety and caliber of the show.

And hopefully whet your appetite to go see the show in person sometime in the next couple weeks.

We plan to hold a closing reception on Saturday, September 27, 3- PM.

At the end of the reception members who have participated in the show will be free to remove their paintings at that time to take them home.

Huge thanks to Lyn Asselta, Cindy Pierson, Steve Johnson and Carron Wedlund for stepping up to the challenge of getting the show hung, and beautifully done also.

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