Saturday, January 17, 2015

Into our Fourth Year

It's hard to believe we are starting our fourth year now, but so it is, and we now have over 50 members! More than 20 attended our meeting this January. Our President, Lyn Asselta, gave a nice synopsis of all the things we have accomplished in the past three years.

You only need to review our blog to find details about our shows, workshops, meetings, guest speakers, and all sorts of other wonderful events that we held.

We started with refreshments of course, but had a crazy time running around trying to fine a working electrical outlet for our coffee pot! We all love our meetings, but many folks look forward to that morning coffee also.

After the meal we had the "Tools and Tips" portion of the meeting where each attendee had a change to describe a favorite tool, or a favorite tip that helped them in their work. More than one tool or tip created an "aha" moment for the other attendees, so it was well worth it.

Following this we had the "Trade" portion, where member brought in items they were no longer using that might be of interest to other artists. These were available for sale, or possibly trade, and some just given away for free.

Coming up will be our first plein air get-together for 2015 so, as usual, stay tuned here to the blog for details.

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