Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Juried Member Show - Awards and Reception (Part Three) - all the paintings

Well, without further ado I will post now ALL the paintings from our juried show. Sorry the photos are not that good. One drawback of pastels is being unable to photograph them easily once they are under glass - too much glare, too much reflection. Some of these are taken at odd angles to avoid as much reflection as possible, or to avoid my own image reflected in the glass.

But I just take it as a sign that you really need to get yourself over to the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach and see the show in person. Alas for working folks they are not normally open nights and weekends. However their doors will be open this Saturday because we have our FCPS general meeting there this coming weekend. Stop in and see the show!

Here are the paintings you will see, presented alphabetically by artist:

Barbara Adams - "Creek in the Park"

Barbara Adams - "February by the Creek"

Lyn Asselta - "Big Cloud"

Lyn Asselta - "Just After Dawn" (Third Place)

Lyn Asselta - "Sunny and Clear"

Janet Christenson - "Janet's Barn"

Debbie Cusick - "Misty Maritime Morning"

Debbie Cusick - "Savannah Sunrise"

Kay Deuben - "Solitude"

Kay Deuben - "Wading Tarpon Springs"

Wendy Deverieux - "East Point" (First Place)

Wendy Deverieux - "Just Over There"

Debra Fox - "Pleasant Day"

Donna Grasso - "Bullwinkle"

Donna Grasso - "Rocky"

Donna Grasso - "TaterTot"

Linda Green - "Cross Creek Barn"

Betsey Hogan - "Step in the Right Direction"

Tish Hubbard - "Boat at Bunratty"

Tish Hubbard - "Water Lily"

Steve Johnson - "After the Rain at Boone Park"

Steve Johnson - "Solstice Storm"

(?? somehow don't seem to have photo of this one. Sorry Steve, will get it Saturday)

Steve Johnson - "South Creek Overflow" (Merit Award)

Sheri Lewis-Seals - "New Day,New Year" (Lyn Asselta Founder's Award)

Richard Lundgren - "Chinatown Bird Whisperer"

Richard Lundgren - "Embrace of Vines"

Patrick Mahoney - "Allis Doesn't Work Here Anymore"

Patrick Mahoney - "Backyard Geraniums"

Patrick Mahoney - "Last Day of Summer" (Second Place)

Marie Marfia - "A Little Help"

Marie Marfia - "Sure is Pretty"

Eve Miller - "Low Country Tranquility"

Eve Miller - "Nightfall Hunting Island" (Merit Award)

Eve Miller - "Summer"

Rebecca Pasko - "...and She Still Runs"

Rebecca Pasko - "A Patch of Blue"

Rick Petersen - "One Pair, Both Red" (Merit Award)

Rick Petersen - "Spring Reflections"

Cynthia Pierson - "Ximenez-Fatio House" (Merit Award)

Cynthia Pierson - "Handyman" (People's Choice Award)

Jackie Piontek - "Coral Reef"

Perry Russell - "Alice 1906"

Perry Russell - "Follow the Flow"

Perry Russell - "Low Country Tree"

Corinne Samuels - "Hijinx at the Helm" (Best in Show)

Corinne Samuels - "Kelsey"(People's Choice Award)

Christi Shatzel - "Perfect Day"

Christi Shatzel - "Near Racing Beach"

Christi Shatzel - "Mountain Grace"

Blair Strain - "Mad Madison"

Janelle Wagoner - "Lucy"

Carron Wedlund - "Lake Shoreline

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