Friday, September 11, 2015

September Meeting

Most of us had a wonderful summer, but it's also great to head into the fall and the lovely weather ahead, and the opportunities facing us in the coming months. September means it was time to kick off our new season with the FCPS. We started the meeting with some of our members who attended IAPS telling us about some of the highlights of their experiences there.

Then we had our own member and co-President Rick Petersen give us a demo on cutting mats for framing.

He brought with us all the tools he needed for creating a nice professional-looking mat at just a fraction of the price you would pay at a framing shop.

His directions were certainly clear and concise, and he had hand-outs to give everyone that provided information as an aide-mémoire for those of us who need a little help these days in remembering all the details.

We had over 20 in attendance, and it was great to greet old faces and meet some new faces. We passed the information to everyone that the board has decided to amend our by-laws and that beginning this season we will now hold elections for new officers at the May meeting rather than January, and that will give them the summer to prepare and get ready for new responsibilities. 

When we talk about officers and committee members remember that this CAN MEAN YOU! So try to think of ways in which you may be able to help your society. May elections means you have a few more months to think about the subject.

Our other exciting news is that we have now been officially accepted as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. This means that any donations given to us are tax deductible. Pass the word to friends and family, and don't forget possible matching grants funds from present or former employers. 

Coming up, the handouts from the presentation...and then in October our first fall plein air event which we are expecting to have at Alpine Groves Park on the east side of the St, Johns River in St, Johns County. Stay tuned to your blog for more details. 

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