Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Alpine Groves

Ha! I found this post sitting in my draft folder. How didn't I notice it was stuck there? Better late than never, here is our first paint-out of the season at Alpine Groves. Many of our members said how much they enjoyed the place, with wonderful views of the river.

And beautiful old oaks covered with Spanish moss. It was a little gray and overcast however, with threats of rain. We did have a few mild sprinkles, but nothing to prevent painting.

It was a fairly cool morning though, and some folks found sweaters and light jackets were necessary to stay comfortable when remaining in one location for a while.

A number of folks found this old building fascinating, and it was in a nice protected location away from the chilly breeze coming in from the river. Plus they had a good table staked out where we could all gather for lunch.

We were joined for the morning by a bunch of folks from the First Coast Plein Air Painters. I'm often out of the loop and didn't know they were coming, so was so amazed when I arrived in the morning to see all these other artists showing up that I didn't even know. I thought it was just one of those weird coincidences. LOL.

But no, they had been invited to join us, and it made for quite a large and lively group. It was also fun to walk around and see what other folks were doing with different mediums. They are an active group so good folks to hook up with if you are a plein air fan.

Almost time now for our workshop with Tom Christopher. Folks signed up for that should be in for quite a treat. I better get this post out the door before workshop posts!

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