Friday, December 4, 2015

Holiday Party tomorrow!

What: Annual Holiday brunch and still life
Where: Cultural Center of Ponte Vedra Beach
When: Saturday, December 5, 2015, 10 AM to 1 PM

Your blogger was away for a week at Thanksgiving and time sort of got away from me! Suddenly it's time for our annual holiday party and I have not even blogged yet. Luckily our wonderful co-President, Lyn Asselta, has sent messages to the group, so I'll just cut and paste her fine words:

If you plan to attend, please bring along a small "brunchy" type of snack to share. It's pot-luck, so bring whatever you'd like!

Also, we have a couple of activities planned...

Gift Exchange:  wrap up something you don't need from your can be new or gently used ($5 - $35) and we'll have a gift-exchange during brunch.

Still Life Painting:  Lyn is bringing a still life set-up. If you'd like to paint, bring along a few pastels and some paper, or just bring your sketchbook!  Keep it simple...and enjoy some painting time with the group!

Girault Pastel painting:  Michele Aplin, the rep from Girault pastels, sent us a good-sized box of random pastel pieces.  We'll start a painting, from a photo reference, that we can finish up during the next few meetings and then auction off to help fund some new items for our growing library.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting!

If you're unable to attend, we wish you a joyous holiday season and we'll see you in the new year!! Cheers!!

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