Thursday, December 24, 2015

Our exciting project

Remember Lyn's words from before our December meeting:
Girault Pastel painting:  Michele Aplin, the rep from Girault pastels, sent us a good-sized box of random pastel pieces.  We'll start a painting, from a photo reference, that we can finish up during the next few meetings and then auction off to help fund some new items for our growing library.
Well we started the painting at our December meeting. In between socializing, and painting the Christmas Cake, members were encouraged to come add some marks to the painting, based on the reference. Lyn got the painting off to a great start!

A few members here had begun to add some of their own interpretations to the scene.

By the end of the meeting the painting looked like this. I guess it has a ways to go before we can auction it off! But what a cool project. I think everyone there added at least a mark or two, It will be coming to future meetings so we can continue with it. I hope everyone gets to participate in the work, and what fun it will be for whoever gets to take it home for keeps.

Not to mention, our next meeting is coming up pretty soon - stay tuned for a few more details. It's hard to believe the new year is almost here, and we will be celebrating our 4th anniversary. What a lot we have done in a mere four years, and 2016 will be amazing for us also.

Enjoy the holidays everyone and stay safe. We look forward to getting together again in the new year.

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