Friday, March 11, 2016

Books! - In No Particular Order (the first dozen)

As promised, here are the books recommended by members at the March meeeting. I love books so this was one of my favorite meetings yet. We had all sorts of books: how-to books, books on the philosophy of being an artist, books on the business of art. I didn't have a hope of catching all the things folks said about the books they chose, but in no particular order here are the books. This is the first dozen, more will follow in the next blog post.

Creative Authenticity: 16 Principles to Clarify and Deepen Your Artistic Vision
- Ian Roberts
"Serious working artists are the intended audience of this collection of short essays that clarify common expressive and personal problems that many artists encounter, including the fear of being clich├ęd, the desire to convey truth in art, and the frustration behind trying to find an authentic voice."
Composition of Outdoor Painting
- Edgar Alwin Payne
" A must-have for art collectors, dealers, teachers and artists."
Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting
-John F. Carlson
"Through his profound understanding of the physical nature of landscapes and his highly developed artistic sense, John Carlson is able to explain both the whys and the hows of the various aspects of landscape painting."
The Art Spirit
- Robert Henri (author) and Marjorie Ryerson (compiler)
"Henri was an inspired artist and teacher who believed that everyone is vitally concerned in the happiness and wisdom to be found through the arts."
 Pastel Step by Step
- Marla Baggetta
"Explore the colorful art of painting in pastel with this compelling how-to guide. Pastel Step by Step provides all the information beginning artists will need to start working with hard pastel, soft pastel, and pastel pencil to create realistic, expressive works of art."
 The Private Lives of the Impressionists
-Sue Roe
"Sue Roe's colorful, lively, poignant, and superbly researched biography, The Private Lives of the Impressionists, follows an extraordinary group of artists into their Paris studios, down the rural lanes of Montmartre, and into the rowdy riverside bars of a city undergoing monumental change."
 The Letters of Vincent van Gogh
-  Vincent Van Gogh (Author), Ronald de Leeuw (Editor),  Arnold J. Pomerans (Translator)
"If ever there was any doubt that Van Gogh's letters belong beside those great classics of artistic self-revelation, Cellini's autobiography and Delacroix's journal, this excellent edition dispels it." 
 Painting Trees (North Light Pocket Guide to)
- Patricia Seligman
"color tips and painting techniques for displaying trees in art"
Painting Skies (North Light Pocket Guide to)
- Patricia Seligman
"color tips and painting techniques that show you how to capture the drama of skies and clouds in all mediums" 
 The Pastel Book
- Bill Creevy
"Absolutely the most thorough guide to pastel materials and techniques ever assembled in a single volume, this is the book for anyone working with pastels, from beginners to experienced artists looking to develop more professional skills."
 Fuller Understanding of the Paintings at Orsay
-  Francoise Bayle
"A great collection of painters, their works and short history in the d'Orsay collection."
Landscape Painting in Watercolor
- Zoltan Szabo
"Zoltan Szabo discusses color, texture, and other characteristics of watercolor, as well as the materials and equipment needed to complete a watercolor master-piece."
 And that rounds out the first dozen. It's late and I've had a busy and tiring day, so more books later! Meanwhile you can check these out.

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