Saturday, March 12, 2016

Books! - In No Particular Order (the remainder)

As promised, here are the remaining books that were recommended by our members at the March meeting.
 Daily Painting: Paint Small and Often To Become a More Creative, Productive, and Successful Artist
- Carol Marine
"A unique system for jump-starting artistic creativity, encouraging experimentation and growth, and increasing sales for artists of all levels, from novices to professionals."
 Painter's Guide to Color
- Stephen Quiller
"Opening with an analysis of the painter's ideal palette and how it is organized with primary, secondary, and intermediate hues, the guide then explores value and intensity, complementary and analogous colors, the ways in which color can be used to evoke moods, express atmospheric conditions, and other essentials relating to color choice and usage."
 Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative
- Austin Kleon
"A groundbreaking exploration of the science of productivity, that can help anyone learn to succeed with less stress and struggle, and to get more done without sacrificing what we care about most."
 Show Your Work!: 10 Ways to Share Your Creativity and Get Discovered
- Austin Kleon
"Show Your Work! is about why generosity trumps genius. It’s about getting findable, about using the network instead of wasting time “networking.” It’s not self-promotion, it’s self-discovery―let others into your process, then let them steal from you."
 Painting Brilliant Skies & Water in Pastel: Secrets to Bringing Light and Life to Your Landscapes
- Liz Haywood-Sullivan
"No two elements of the landscape bring the artist greater inspiration--or greater challenge--than sky and water. Liz Haywood-Sullivan shares her secrets for getting them both right, every time."
 Pastel Pointers: Top 100 Secrets for Beautiful Paintings
- Richard McKinley
"This book covers everything from the fundamentals to get you going (how to lay out your palette, create an underpainting, evoke luminous effects) to inspirations that will keep you growing (plein air painting, working in a series, keeping a painting journal)."
 Art & Fear: Observations On the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking
- David Bayles and Ted Orland
"This is a book about making art. Ordinary art. Ordinary art means something like: all art not made by Mozart. After all, art is rarely made by Mozart-like people; essentially—statistically speaking—there aren't any people like that."
 The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles
- Steven Pressfield
"A succinct, engaging, and practical guide for succeeding in any creative sphere, The War of Art is nothing less than Sun-Tzu for the soul."
 Finding Your Style In Pastel 
- Jean Hirons
"As pastel artists, we have even more choices. We can use a wide variety of pastels, strokes, surfaces, and techniques to create many different looks. The choices we make form the framework of our individual style, our signature as artists. Any subscriber to The Pastel Journal realizes how varied the medium of pastel can be."
 Painting the Landscape in Pastel
- Albert Handell
"Known for his use of luminous color, Albert Handell, whose lush landscapes light up these pages, provides lucid instructions to help first-time pastelists achieve impressive results as soon as they begin working with the medium."
 A Day in the Country: Impression and the French Landscape
-  Andrea P. A. Belloli (Editor), Richard R. Brettell (Contributor), Los Angeles County Museum of Art (Corporate Author), Art Institute of Chicago (Corporate Author)
"A Day in the Country was an exhibit mounted in the early '80's, using the theme that the Impressionist style of painting revolved around the dynamic of Parisian artists portraying the landscapes nearby their city. The book built around the exhibit takes an understanding of Impressionism much deeper, involving not only personalities and landscapes, but also the international political dynamics as well."
 The Complete Guide To Painting Water
- Bert N. Petri
"This book teaches techniques for painting based on the nature of water itself (how it reflects and refracts light, how it moves, how waves are born and more), making it a comprehensive and valuable reference for artists working in any style or medium."
Pastel Painting Atelier: Essential Lessons in Techniques, Practices, and Materials
- Ellen Eagle
" In this comprehensive yet intimate guide, Eagle explores pastel’s rich but relatively unexamined past, reveals her own personal influences and approaches, and guides you toward the discovery and mastery of your own vision."
Other suggested resources from the meeting:
- Pastel Journal magazine
- Plein Air magazine
- the blog of Karen Margulis
- the blog of Stapleton Kearns
- Wetcanvas Spotlight 101

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