Sunday, April 10, 2016

Lovely Dutton Island

We're sorry about those whose schedules it disrupted, but the week's wait was worth it for the Dutton Island plein air. Those of us who were able to spend some time there in the morning all agree that the weather was glorious - the sort of weather you pray for when you plan a plein air day. Sunny, cool but not too hot, with a breeze fairly gentle but enough to keep away any possible bugs.

I had to leave a little early so don't know if anyone showed up late after I left, but I'm aware of seven of us from the FCPS who showed up for a wonderful morning, and spent quite a while checking out all the wonderful places Dutton Island had to offer before settling on a painting spot.

Even your faithful blogger got included in one of the photos from the morning. True I'm usually behind the camera but I have made a few appearances here. :-)

I think Maggie here deserves an honorary FCPS membership card after all her plein air outings with our group.

People found different places to set up. In fact I never even discovered where some set up as I couldn't find them when I made some photo rounds. They must have been well hidden.

However the beautiful salt marshes were the main draw at this location, and all the paintings I came across featured them in some way - all differently of course, one of the things I love about seeing what folks do on our plein air outings.

I didn't catch up with everyone, but here are some of the offerings from the morning with the usual disclaimer that they are all in various states of completion.

Our May meeting will be all about learning to make your own pastels, so stay tuned to this space for more details shortly. 

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