Thursday, May 12, 2016

Our FCPS History

Can you believe we are nearly five years old now? We've done a lot in the last few years, and most of it is documented in our blog. That is our history, but it's nice to have our history in concrete form, which is why I've taken on another project of turning our blog into a series of concrete and physical books. With books I can intersperse posts from Facebook and to our mailing list, and get an even better running history,

I'm doing a book for each year, and have managed to complete 2012 and 2013 already. Some of the folks who were at the meeting Saturday got a chance to look at them as I had them there to donate to the library. If you didn't get to see them and are curious about them I also have PDF copies of them which you can view right here and here.

The books are also available for sale from both here and here. Blurb does a wonderful job but the books are not cheap, so if you'd like your own I would "like" Blurb on Facebook or get on their mailing list, and they sent out 35% and 40% coupons pretty often. I used coupons for both the hardcopies above! That makes the price fairly reasonable.

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