Sunday, June 12, 2016

2016 Juried Show - All the Entries

Okay, here they are, all the entries for our 2016 juried show. It was great to see 49 entries in the show, with 27 participating artists. I'm always in awe of the talent we have in this group. It's an honor to be a participating member with you all. As I've said in the past these photos are not the best. It's hard to photograph framed pastels without glare and I have to try to sneak up at angles, etc. Again, a perfect reason to go to Ponte Vedra and see them all in person.

 Jane Alexander - Guana River State Park
Lyn Asselta -  Afternoon Light

Lyn Asselta - Wind at the Edge of Nowhere 

Janet Christenson - Sanderlings 

Debbie Cusick - Cindy's Pitcher 

Kay Deuben - Riding Ahead of the Herd 

 Wendy Deverieux - Grayton Morning

Wendy Deverieux - Sunset Reflected 

 Renee Fauré - A Dim Grey Loop of Light

Renee Fauré - Left to Wander 

Debra Fox -  Spring Renewal

 Linda Green - Blue Plate Special

 Arlene Saltzman Hanly - Watchful Palms

 Betsey Hogan - Marsh Glow

Letitia Hubbard -  Ojai Flowers

Sherri Lewis-Seals - First Flight 

Sherri Lewis-Seals -  The Greater Light

Richard Lundgren -  Wild Grape Vine

Richard Lundgren - Work in Progress 

 Patrick Mahoney - Castaway Light

Patrick Mahoney - Left Out 

 Eve Miller - Last Light

Eve Miller - Low Tide 

Eve Miller - Tranquility 

Rebecca Pasko - Into the Gloaming 

Rebecca Pasko - Morning Rush 

 Rebecca Pasko - Sunrise on Amelia

Rick Petersen - Alpine Plantation - Gray and Breezy 

 Rick Petersen - Beach Colors 2

Cynthia Pierson - Guinnevere's Dilemma 

Cynthia Pierson - Judy in the Sun with Glasses 

Cynthia Pierson - Max in Clover 

Jackie Piontek -  Passing Storm

Karen Rose -  

Karen Rose -  Solliloquy

Perry Russell - Fire Upon the Water 

Perry Russell - Intracoastal Palms 

Corinne Samuels - Chloe 

Corinne Samuels - Solo 

Corinne Samuels - Splash Landing

V. Christi Shatzel - Reflections 

V. Christi Shatzel -  Robbie Sunburned

V. Christi Shatzel - Roses on the Side 

Jessica Shippee - Beaded Blue 

Jessica Shippee - Sprawling Sentinel 

Janelle Wagoner -  Atlantic Evening

Carron Wedlund - Lake Ray Shimmer 

Carron Wedlund -  Marsh at Dusk

Carron Wedlund - Silent Sentinel

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