Sunday, June 12, 2016

Juried Show Reception

Wow, between days of babysitting and a week of house guests it was impossible to find time to work on the blog, but today is sort of quiet now and I finally have some time! It's been over a week now since we had our wonderful reception at Ponte Vedra. Sorry it took so long to post this, but those who made it to the reception know already how excellent it was.

We nearly took over the entire Cultural Center with works not only in the back gallery but along the hallway walls and in a small room to the right as you came down the hallway. Our shows just seem to get better and better every year.

We had a large turnout of guests, and of course the food was wonderful too! Thanks to Christi and Becky for coordinating and setting up for the wonderful reception, and thanks to all the members who provided the food.

Young and old got to enjoy the refreshments, and to have fun studying all the artwork in order to cast two votes for their favorites for the "People's Choice" award. My two grandkids both "stuffed the ballot box" to cast votes for my painting. :-)

It was wonderful to have our amazing judge Karen Margulis on hand for the awards. It was fascinating to hear her talk about the things she looked for when selecting the award winners. She also said she wished she had more awards she could have handed out! We will have a couple other blog posts upcoming on her Saturday workshop, and on all the show participants, but before we get to to that: Here are our winners for the 2016 Juried Show:

People's Choice:

 Wendy Deverieux - "Grayton Morning"

Corinne Samuels - "Splash Landing"

Merit Awards: 

 Arlene Saltzman Hanly - "Watchful Palms

 Sherri Lewis-Seals - "First Flight

 Carron Wedlund - "Lake Ray Shimmer"

Richard Lundgren - "Wild Grape Vine"

Holbein Award of Merit:

Patrick Mahoney - "Castaway Light"

Third Place:

Renee Fauré - "A Dim Grey Loop of Light"

Second Place:

Corinne Samuels - "Solo"

First Place:

Lyn Asselta - "Afternoon Light"

Best in Show:

Cynthia Pierson - "Max in Clover" (also People's Choice Winner)

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