Friday, December 9, 2016

Our Workshop

After the demo last Thursday we had a full complement of attendees ready to start Stan's workshop on Friday morning at Ponte Vedra.

The workshop consisted of two days in the studio and one day of plein air.

And also included more opportunities of getting to see Stan at work!

The weather was outstanding, and for the plein air day the venue was at the Environmental Center at Guana. This is a wonder place at just about any time of year.

However this past weekend it was especially lovely. However there was also a roofed area, so we were prepared in case of rain, but we were luckily and it was sunny and clear and crisp.

Students all lined up their work from the morning as Stand reviewed them.

There was a lot of information covered, both in the studio days, and during the plein air session as well. Some quotes from workshop attendees:
Many thanks to Stan Sperlak for a "thrilling" workshop! My Terry Ludwig's got a work-out. 
Fun and informative now to translate it to my work!!
Stan Sperlak gives a workshop that is valuabe in knowledge, and individually uplifting. "Fab" teacher. Thank you Stan
 Best workshop ever!!!!

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