Monday, May 8, 2017

Mayo Clinic - a perfect day

Wow, this past Saturday could not have been more perfect for a plein air day. It was a crisp sunny day, and felt more like a fall day rather than a late spring day in Florida. Temperatures had dropped into the low 50s during the night, and hovered in the mid-60s for most of the morning. 

The Mayo grounds are amazing and had all sorts of wonderful options for painting, though I think most folks wanted a spot to get a little of the sun. Very different for much Florida plein air where we often search for shade!

 Luckily there were plenty of spots that offered a wonderful view as well as both sun and shade options.
 It was still cool enough though, that those without jackets found makeshift ways to keep warm in the early hours. :-)

 Since the day was so perfect it's a shame that only nine FCPS members showed up to paint with us. Still, it was great  to meet with those who did come, and we all had a great time gathering for lunch and having a show and tell of our work. Two folks didn't join us for lunch and we missed you!

But here are the works we did get to share. I love that everyone's paintings and styles are so different, and everyone finds their own interesting viewpoints to paint.

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