Monday, June 19, 2017

Juried Show - Part One of Three

Finally, as promised, here are all the paintings from our juried show. As I've said before, these are not great photos! It's hard to shoot pastels framed under glass, and it was hard to get good angles for many of them base on where they were hung. So that means you just need to get to Ponte Vedra to see them in person. :-)
 Jane Alexander - View from Dutton Island

 Janet Christenson - 14th Street Bridge

 Debbie Cusick - A Walk on the Beach

 Debbie Cusick - Prince Edward Island Lighthouse

 Debbie Cusick - To the Light

 Wendy Devarieux - All Lined Up and Waiting

 Wendy Devarieux - South of Carmel

 Kay Deuben - Hesitation

 Renee Fauré - The Joy is to Lean

 Debra Fox - Interlude

 Linda Hart Green - Spring Evening Cumberland Island
 Linda Hart Green - Survivor at Sunset 

 Arlene Saltzman Hanly - First Coast Beach Access

 Arlene Saltzman Hanly - Just Before Spring

 Betsey Hogan - Deep Marsh

 Betsey Hogan - Winter Dunes

 Leticia Hubbard - Market L'Isle Sur La Sargue

 Leticia Hubbard - Mireilles Moon

Sherri Lewis-Seals - Feathery Clouds

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