Sunday, July 2, 2017

Juried Show - Part Two of Three

Ooops, I need to get the rest of the artwork posted for our wonderful show. Time is running out if you haven't seen it yet!
Sherri Lewis-Seals - Mottled Clouds

Richard Lundgren - Great Egret

Richard Lundgren - Viking Legacy

Patrick Mahoney - Daffy, Lucky, and Groucho

Patrick Mahoney - Time on His Hands

Patrick Mahoney - Truck Stop

Rebecca Pasko - Cool in the Pool

Rebecca Pasko - Summer Squall

Rick Peterson - Estuary, Hazy Morning

Rick Peterson - Morning Reverie

Rick Peterson - Storm Break

Cindy Pierson - Jack in the Sun

Cindy Pierson - Red Onions

Cindy Pierson - Riverbed

Jackie Piontek - Marsh Glow

Jackie Piontek - Secret Pool

Perry Russell - Beauty in the Marshes

Perry Russell - The Appalachian Trail

Perry Russell - Bathed in Light

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