Wednesday, September 6, 2017


For anyone following us who may not be on our mailing list - our meeting for this coming Saturday has been cancelled. Right now we are not sure where we stand with Hurricane Irma bearing down in this direction, and many events are being cancelled and many places closing.

Among the places is the Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach, where we hold our meetings. They will be closed Sept. 9-12 and as a result we are out of a place to meet. Many members were very unsure about attendance anyway and felt hurricane prep was more important.

Some of our members suffered quite a bit of damage from Hurricane Matthew last year, so we take this seriously!

We were planning to set up and paint still lifes this Saturday. Well you know what? We still can! Here's a suggestion everyone. While we are all hunkered down and waiting out the storm how about setting up our own still lifes at home and doing a painting? If anyone wants to participate just email me a jpg of your work to this address - - and I will put up a blog post of our "virtual meeting".

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