Saturday, September 23, 2017

Painting up a Storm

Well Hurricane Irma came roaring through Florida leavings lots of flooding and devastation in her wake. Jacksonville saw the worst flooding since 1842, houses in Ponte Vedra Beach were swept down by the sea, over half the state was without power. Some of us stayed put and sheltered in place, others evacuated to local but more inland areas, even others evacuated out of state to friends, family and hotels. Most of us lost power and suffered downed limbs or trees but I'm not aware of any bad flooding such as the flooding that hit some of our members last year with Hurricane Matthew . We are all coming back together now. After my five days without power and nine days without internet it makes me appreciate even more then things I have.

But some of us did find time to do some painting during and after the storm and are happy to share with our fellow members, so here is some of our artwork from our "virtual" meeting. Next up for October we have a wonderful plein air day planned, so everyone keep fingers crossed for great weather! Stay tuned here for details.
 A Welcome Quiet - Linda Hart Green

California Bound - Kay Deuben 

Gracie and Truman - Kay Deuben 

Janelle Wagoner 

Hurricane Essentials - Debbie Cusick 

Lyn Asselta 

Pat Mahoney (oils) 

Paula Willits 

Paula Willits 

Cindy Pierson - painting with granddaughters and their friend

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