Sunday, November 5, 2017

A New Season

After the turmoils of Hurricane Irma and the threats of thunderstorms this month we finally got together for the new season, and had our first meeting, with a very nice turnout of folks. Good to see so many after the long summer.

We had a special treat, and a chance to loosen our purses! FCPS member Kim Conley is now a local rep for Diane Tonsend pastels, and she brought a huge assortment to show us, and to offer for purchase.

Diane Townsend pastels are great, and there were certainly sets and all sorts of  color options, something for everyone. :-)

Our Hospitality chair was out of town, but as usual the FCPS members stepped up to the occasion so we had plenty to eat.

This was our still life day, with choices for everyone to choose from. Board members brought in still life set-ups and set them up around the room.

So folks were able to move around and make a choice. The threatened thunderstorms never did materialize so we could have painted outdoors. However the temps were in the low 90s, humid, and with a "real feel" of 100, so not exactly pleasant. Indoors was best, and November promises to be much nicer at Fort Mose.

Thanks to Cindy Pierson, Debbie Cusick and Carron Wedlund for providing the still lifes we had the option to choose from.

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