Saturday, January 6, 2018

Tim's Wine Market entries

Well in our last entry we got to see a bit of Tim's Wine Market, and great photos of many of our wonderful FCPS members who either participated in the show, or who came out to the show opening to support our group. It was great seeing everyone last night, and great to see all the artwork. So now for the artwork!

Of course I have many of the usual caveats. All the pictures you are about to see are wonky, tilted, at funny angles...Most of you all know how hard it is to photograph framed pastels because of the glare and reflection of the glass. I tried very hard to avoid glare and reflection, so lots of photos are taken from off sides. The paintings were also hung fairly high to allow for Tim's merchandise below them, so I was shooting up for almost all the photos. I also was not able to get the labels for most of them so can't tell you whose painting is whose for the most part - so you all can have the fun of trying to guess who painted what!

And, despite my best efforts, I apologize to those artists who wound up with flying saucers in the middle of your paintings! There was a lot of reflected light. I tried to go around the room and get pictures of all the art, so again I apologize if I missed your painting. Let me know and I can add it.

And my usual last caveat: Since the photos are so bad you need to make a trip to Tim's Wine Market to see the actual show. It will be up for a month.

Enjoy the show, and buy a bottle of wine while you are there. :-)

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