Saturday, January 6, 2018

Tim's Wine Market

Our non-juried member show opened last night at Tim's Wine Market in St. Augustine Beach. Since it's pretty far from home for me I'd never been there before, but what a great place it was. We were very pleased to be able to have our show there with some 35 of our member paintings.

On first Fridays they hold a wine tasting, and we had our opening. Our paintings encircled the whole room, and while it's clearly a wine store it's also well laid out for the public to stay and browse and enjoy, with plenty of tables and chairs.

Tim's provided fine wines to taste, or to buy for $5 a glass, or of course whole bottles. But our membership came through as usual with lots of great finger foods to enjoy.

 Judging by the camaraderie of the crowd it seems that Tim's gets plenty of of regulars at its wine tasting nights, and they enjoyed getting to sample our goodies too.

There was quite an wonderful turnout, and while food and wine were key there were plenty looking at the artwork as well. And we had quite a great turnout of our own from the FCPS members.

One white and two reds were on hand to sample for the evening, and as the evening came to an end it seemed there had been plenty of folks enjoying their samples.

So huge thanks to Janelle for all her hard work in putting this show on, and thanks to Tish for her help, and thanks to Kathleen for getting all the goodies set up and organized. I don't believe we had any sales last night but the show is up for a month so who knows?

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