Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Finally - our Kingsley plein air

Well we finally managed to have our plein air day at Kingsley Plantation! It was a cool day. I don't think it got out of the 50s in the morning, and there was a strong wind. But the sun was out and shining, and those who attended were able to find secluded spots of out the wind. It was certainly nicer than our previous planned day in January!

We had participants from as nearby as Fernandina, probably the closest location where we have members.

But most of us came from farther away and had a good drive to get there.

We even had one quite new member who came up all the way from St. Augustine.

And she rode with a friend, a guest oil painter. She came all the way from Palm Coast!

 We ended up having seven participants in total.

 Not a bad number on a fairly cool morning, and quite a distance to travel for most of us.

As we usually do we all broke about 11:30 to join one another for a picnic lunch. There are no picnic tables on the grounds, and the air *was* cool. But we found a nice bench out in the sun, by the plantation herb garden, and used it as a makeshift place to gather around and eat, and use as a table if needed.

And again, as we often do - after lunch we held a show-and-tell for those who chose to participate. So here is our "show" of the works done on this fine morning - with the usual caveat that many of these are still in varying stages of completion.

I did my best to get shots that didn't cover the paintings with shadows, and sorry I was not completely successful! It was a great day, though. I think all the participants enjoyed it.

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