Friday, May 11, 2018

All the Rest

I'm so behind on my blog posts! Darn that's what happens when you are too sick to sit up. Let me try to catch up a bit and finally show off the rest of the amazing paintings in our show.
 Barbara Adams - Approaching Storm

Barbara Adams - Riberia

Merry Alexander - Salt Marsh View
Helen Anderfuren - Interlude 
Lyn Asselta - At Daybreak
Janet Christenson - Sunset on Amelia

Kim Conley - Amelia Sunset

Debbie Cusick - Copper Vase

Kay Deuben - Drum Runner, Anita on Scotch 

Wendy Devarieux - Intracoastal Marsh

Kathleen Duffy - Pumpkin

Renee Fauré - A White Light, Still and Moving

Donna Grasso - Twins 2018

Arlene Hanly - In the Depths 

Arlene Hanly - Palm Forest

Betsey Hogan - On My Way

Betsey Hogan - Porch Afternoon

Betsey Hogan - Storm Passing

Letitia Hubbard - Passages

Letitia Hubbard - Time Out

Janice Jackson - Frida's Cupboard

Janice Jackson - Night Flowers

Sherri Lewis-Seals - Dark Clouds/Light Clouds

Sherri Lewis-Seals - Towards Hanna 

Sharyn Lightfoot - Heron Retreat

Sharyn Lightfoot - Minnow Hideaway

Richard Lundgren - Ebb and Flow

Richard Lundgren - Florida Gold

Patrick Mahoney - Cynthia in Costume

Rebecca Pasko - Bubba LowNotes

 Rebecca Pasko - Clearing Storm

Rick Petersen - First Light Vilano Beach

Rick Petersen - Leeward

Cynthia Pierson  - Iowa Proud

Cynthia Pierson - Santa Fe Shadows

Jacqueline Piontek - Day's End

Jacqueline Piontek - Moon Dreams

Perry Russell - Birdhouse

Perry Russell - Lone Palm 

Perry Russell - Palms

Corinne Samuels - Rhapsody in Blue

Corinne Samuels - Tunnel Vision

Valeria Shatzel - The Apple Pitcher

Janelle Wagoner - Beach Path

Janelle Wagoner - January's King

Janelle Wagoner - Tucked In

Carron Wedlund - Mangos for Sale

Carron Wedlund - Meandering Through the Dunes

Carron Wedlund - Ortega River Calm

 Lynn Wilson - View of St. George

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