Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Chris Ivers Workshop

After the great demo Chris Ivers did for us a number of us were privileged to take her workshop as well. The subject was nocturnes, and as you can see from some of these great paintings it was a subject everyone seemed to enjoy and do well with. For those of us who couldn't attend it made nocturnes look like a great topic! Here are some of the student paintings as well as comments about the workshop:

Lyn Asselta

Lyn Asselta:  Chris Ivers’ Nightscape workshop gave us a taste of something new!  Using photos that some of us collected after dark at the Vilano town center, the class worked on textured black panels that Chris made for the students and created vibrant nocturnes lit by street lights, neon and moonlight. Chris laid out an organized strategy for working with complicated scenes, and gave us all something exciting to think about!

Janelle Wagoner

Janelle Wagoner:  I was fortunate to spend three days with outstanding pastelists in a workshop led by Chris Ivers who invited us to explore nocturnal subject matter. I learned so much and enjoyed great company as well. Thank you First Coast Pastel Society and Chris Ivers!

Paula Pascucci

Paula Pascucci

Paula Pascucci: Christine is a knowledgable, generous and friendly instructor. She shared with us not only the topic of painting night scenes but also information about framing and supply vendors, pdf's regarding formatting the painting, printer/printing topics in addition to helpful design tidbits gained from her advertising career. Her critiques were encouraging yet informative. I would take her workshop again if offered.

Barbara Adams

Barbara Adams:
Chris Ivers workshop was a great liberating challenge. I usually use bright bold colors and to move into darks pastels on a black surface well ...!  It was fascinating to see the results when you play your darkest darks against each other and then pop in some light colors. WOW! If you ever get an opportunity to take a class or workshop with Chris Ivers do it.

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