Tuesday, November 27, 2018

It's Holiday Time!

What:   Annual FCPS Holiday Party
Where: Cultural Center at Ponte Vedra Beach
When:  Saturday, December 1, 10 AM to noon

Yes, hard to believe but another year has rolled around and it's holiday season again. It's always great celebrating with fellow FCPS members.

Like past years, we'll have a picture gift exchange of a small framed piece (about 5" x 7" or so). But unlike in the past, we're allowing you to bring a piece in other mediums if you wish. Many of our members work in more than one medium so this is a chance to show it off. Remember, please try to limit size to close to 5x7 or so - with a small amount extra for a frame.

Bring it wrapped with no identifying marks on the outside. This doesn't mean it must be plain brown paper. Colorful holiday wraps are welcome as long as they don't have identifying marks on them.  Because of the numbering system we use there is no reason to disguise the works, so be as colorful as you like! It will look more festive.

Also it's a potluck so bring a dish to share.

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