Saturday, February 2, 2019

Framing Choices

This morning was pleasant, warmer than it's been, and the rains had stopped, so we had a good turnout to listen to Chris Kinsman from CC Framing in Mandarin. He talked about framing choices, and ways to choose frames and mats for a painting so that all features complemented and enhanced one another rather that anything being too overwhelming, or not appropriate.

Members had been asked to bring in works (either currently framed or not) to get advice on future framing, or whether current framed worked with the painting.

We had over a dozen paintings brought in so it was clear people were eager for advice on what would help make their works stand out.

In fact we had nearly 30 folks in attendance, a very good turnout! Clearly a subject of interest to many people. Tomorrow 1-3 PM is our Artist Reception at Anthem Lakes (well before the Super Bowl everyone 😉) so we should all take time to study the framing as well as the artwork. In addition, if anyone would like to contact Chris to talk about framing his contact info is:

Chris Kinsman

Complete Choice Framing & Art
1112 27 San Jose Blvd.
Jacksonville, FL 32223

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