Thursday, May 30, 2019

Join the paint around

The next meeting is upon us, this Saturday, June 1. For this meeting we’ll have a paint around or multiple paint-arounds, depending on how many want to participate. Remember last September when we had 4 members in a paint-around? Basically the painters within each group paint 15 minutes then rotate to the next painting like musical chairs. This time we can have more 4-member paint-arounds going on at the same time. If you would like to participate, bring your pastels, a support and pastel paper. The reference pictures will be provided. The groups will be decided then.

We anticipate this will be a fun, no pressure, anything goes event, not to worry about producing a masterpiece. Those who don’t want to paint can observe and I expect there will be a lot to watch. It’s about the group activity of painting together, not necessarily about the outcome.

Also this Saturday we will accept nominations and vote on the new board. We need a new treasurer.  Jackie has the treasury very well organized to ease one into the position. And we need a new recording secretary. Please consider either of these positions. Our organization cannot function without them.

And finally we’ll have our garage sale. Bring any art related (or craft supplies) you’d like to sell or give away. Please have them priced with your name displayed.

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