Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Juried show - the rest of the entries

Here are all the other paintings in our show. As usual there are some issues trying to photograph paintings under glass, although this year the lighting was rather flat so it wasn't as hard to photograph as it often is! But I do like to show the paintings as they are hung because I find the framing to be interesting too, and a great part of the overall feel of the painting. So enjoy these, and as usual you must go see the show in person to see them in their best light.

 Barbara Adams - Reflections
 Jane Alexander - Bird Island Park
 Helen Anderfuren - End of the Trail
 Helen Anderfuren - Walk in the Park
 Janet Christenson - Sunset on the Bay
 Debbie Cusick - Winter Harbinger
 Wendy Devarieux - Along the Rhine
 Wendy Devarieux - Coastal Dunes
 Kathleen Duffy - Buddah #3
 Renee Faure - Wandering
 Arlene Hanly - Palm Sentinals 
 Betsey Hogan - At the Cummer
 Letitia Hubbard - Harry and David Unwrapped
 Letitia Hubbard - Suzie's Mangoes
 Janice Jackson - Beneath
 Keri Keene - Oranges in the Harvest Bin
 Sherri Lewis-Seals - Birthday Flowers
 Richard Lundgren - Caw Caw Marsh
 Richard Lundgren - Vanishing Shoreline
 Patrick Mahoney - Breaking Dawn
 Patrick Mahoney - Mom
 Rebecca Pasko - The Promise
 Rick Peterson - Dune Morning
 Rick Peterson - Up and Over
 Cynthia Pierson - Bass Man
 Cynthia Pierson - Fear
 Jacqueline Piontek - Just Whisper
 Jacqueline Piontek  - Still Waters
 Perry Russell - Glowing Morning
 Perry Russell - Morning's Promise
 Corinne Samuels - Hucklebeary Fin
 Christi Shatzel - A Path to the Woods
 Christi Shatzel - Nostalgia
 Christi Shatzel - The Happiest Man
 Jessica Shippee - Atlantic and 1st
 Jessica Shippee - The Gathering
 Jessica Shippee - Window Seat
 Solene Tartivelle - Rustling Leaves
 Solene Tartivelle - Singing Tomorrows
 Kathleen Trued - Which Way is it?
 Janelle Wagoner - In the Weeds
 Janelle Wagoner - Paired
 Carron Wedlund - Mirror Mirror
Carron Wedlund - Poppy Proud

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