Thursday, January 16, 2020

Looking ahead - Aline Ordman workshop

We have an exciting spring coming up and one of those events will be a workshop with Aline Ordman, who will also be our judge for our annual juried show.

Aline's workshop will be:
April 25-26
and she will also do a demo on Friday evening:
April 24

Take a look at Aline's work. It's stunning. The workshop will be held at the North Shores Community Center in Vilano Beach.

Price for this great workshop will be:

Members: $375
Non-members: :400

Check our website. There is already a PayPal button up to accept your $100 deposit if you want to reserve a spot in this workshop. A write-up of what you can expect:

Dynamic Pastels
Using Abstract Thinking to Create Illustrative Paintings
Painting is learning to see. Often, we paint what we think we see because we all have preconceived notions of what something looks like. However, to really paint what you see, you must break down everything you are looking at into just abstract shapes. Don’t see a “house”, see a series of interlocking shapes. 
Aline is known for her vivid paintings and creative use of color. Working from their own photo references, students will transform these into pastel or oil paintings using the principles of color and design. Along with daily painting demonstrations, Aline will emphasize the understanding of color in terms of temperature, intensity and value while translating those ideas using pastel or oil techniques. We don’t have to paint green grass just because that’s what is in a picture. Experimenting with exciting different color while maintaining the value and intensity will serve as a great exercise in helping students expand their color sensitivity. Ten stroke exercises are fun to develop confidence in both decision making and interesting strokes. Let’s say goodbye to overworked tight pastels and oils and learn to create loose, bold but still illustrative paintings. Aline gives a lot of personal attention and works to develop the individual style of each student.

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