Saturday, May 29, 2021

April Member Meeting

The first Saturday in April gave us the opportunity to have our first in-person meeting in over a year since the start of the Covid pandemic. We met at our new meeting place - the North Shores Community Center at Vilano, close to the ocean. Most all of us were vaccinated it and was great to see one another in person and not have to wear masks, as president Cindy Pierson updated us on things ahead of us to think about.

We were so lucky and pleased to have as our presenter member Patrick Mahoney. Pat is a master of any medium he has tried, with pastel being only one of them. But he is also a master of repairing, cleaning, and restoring old paintings, primarily oils.

 Pat had books showing years of his restoration work, as well as several actual paintings he'd worked on. I think all of us were amazed, and were so impressed by all he'd accomplished.

Here's looking forward to the upcoming events of 2021, and being able to get together more as the year progresses. 

One of the "thrills" of the meeting was a silent auction of a painting donated by our founder, Lyn Asselta. Lyn was our guiding light for several years. We all love her and miss her. I've yearned to own a "Lyn" painting for years, and so I'm so happy that I was the winner of the silent auction. I love this painting, and I'm happy the money I paid will go to support our group.

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